There are a significant number of benefits to those practices who hold the Lexcel quality mark. Lexcel accreditation can ensure better client care, thus impacting on client retention and profitability.

Lexcel Assessment BodyLexcel is a quality standard that has been written specifically for the legal profession, unlike other quality standards that you have to mould to fit your business.

Lexcel helps ensure consistency of approach to how matters are run across your practice. This can impact on claims and complaints. It is widely recognised that failures in administration and service instead of legal knowledge are the cause of the majority of complaints. Lexcel will provide you with the framework to take preventative action by introducing systems and procedures to reduce the chance of error.

Lexcel is welcomed by indemnity insurers and can lead to a reduction in your premiums. This and the efficiency cost-savings can only have a positive effect on your bottom line. Many legal practices with Lexcel accreditation have reported an increase in profit.

Being Lexcel accredited will enable you to demonstrate that you are meeting the majority of the Solicitor Regulatory Authority Code of Conduct. For legal departments within local authorities, Lexcel is a method of ‘Best Value’ compliance.

Legal practices taking advantage of our Lexcel services can experience a competitive advantage over practices without the accreditation. This standard can help you to gain new work.

Lexcel accreditation could help your practice:

  • Achieve consistently high levels of client service
  • Reduce client complaints
  • Attract new business
  • Become more competitive
  • Increase efficiency and consistency and minimise risk so helping to reduce your PI premium.
  • Improve compliance with regulatory requirements


Our Lexcel consultants have over 23 years of experience in delivering assessments. You can count on our expertise. Want to find out how our Lexcel services could benefit your organisation? Contact us today.