Testament to our 23+ years’ of experience successfully delivering quality Lexcel Assessments as a licensed body and of working closely with the legal sector, IBP holds one of the three Lexcel Assessment Licenses awarded by the Law Society.
Josie Addleton

Josie Addleton, Lexcel Quality Manager

IBP is licensed to undertake Lexcel assessment on behalf of the Law Society. We ensure that the process is independent, objective and rigorously quality controlled. Becoming Lexcel accredited can have numerous benefits for your legal practice. Find out more about the benefits of Lexcel.

Our commitment to quality and customer service means that all work carried out by our team of assessors is quality assured (view a copy of our Quality Policy). Our training methods for new assessors have been commended by the Law Society.

Josie Addleton, who leads our Lexcel Team at IBP, has extensive experience of Lexcel and has been a qualified Lexcel Assessor herself for over 15 years. If you would like to contact Josie directly, call 07971 509502 or click here to drop her an email.

The Lexcel Assessment delivery service

Our team of qualified Lexcel assessors is spread across the UK. Our Lexcel services are available to a wide range of organisations including small, medium and large practices from both the private and public sectors, and in-house legal departments. Find out more about our Lexcel assessment services.