When it comes to getting individual feedback, relying on managers alone can be both limiting and subjective. Often the best feedback you can get comes from those we work alongside, and from ourselves. Combining feedback from all over the company can give invaluable insight, and 360 degree reviews enable you to do just that.


A 360 degree review allows you to get detailed and insightful feedback about employees from a wide range of perspectives, including; managers, peers, directors, internal and external customers, partners, suppliers, stakeholders and the individual themselves. This comprehensive feedback gives you all you need to identify areas of improvement or education, in order for your workforce to reach its maximum potential.

360 degree feedback, when used correctly, should not be linked to merit, pay, reward or even used as a way to punish the individual.

When sensitively handled, the 360 degree feedback process can help break down barriers between areas in the company and create a culture of openness and trust. The feedback itself can be easily utilised to help form personalised, bespoke strategies for team management, punctuated by support and clear communication.


INSPIRING offers a huge range of options when it comes to feedback, from a full 360 degree assessment to a more focused approach. This enables you to choose the option that is best for your business needs, helping you to get the feedback you require.
No two businesses are alike, which is why we provide detailed analysis and tailored reporting to suit your needs. The results will empower you, as an employer, to improve the engagement and the productivity of your workforce. During the process of gathering feedback we will aid you with any questions or queries, and deliver the results to you in their entirety for your auctioning.

Click here to view an example of a personal 360 degree report


Our 360 feedback tool is useful not just for personal development, but also for talent and performance management. It can be an invaluable tool in the run up to a company restructure or cultural change, as you can benchmark employees and sections of your business on common attributes. The process of going through a workforce review can be stressful, and if handled poorly, can seriously damage the morale and productivity of a team. That is why it is important to tackle these processes with the care and open mindedness that INSPIRING provide.


Every business’s greatest asset is their workforce. 360 degree assessments encourage your employee’s personal growth and development, whilst supporting an open and honest culture within a company. It will help you to establish how effective people are in their roles and objectively appraise, develop and performance-manage your employees. There is a culture prevalent in a lot of businesses which instils worry and scepticism in employees at all stages, but this shouldn’t be the case. With the sensitive, bespoke, in-depth feedback that 360 degree surveys offer, companies are able to lead development and create clear communication strategies, which can improve and grow the team on both an individual and company wide scale.