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What Lexcel is and What it is Not

13 May 2024
In this blog we are going to dispel some of the myths surrounding what Lexcel is and what it is not.
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Why should my team consider Lexcel accreditation?

11 Apr 2024
For the first time in May 2015, a tailored version of the Lexcel Standard for in house legal practices will be available.
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What is Lexcel and why should you become accredited?

01 May 2019
Most legal firms have heard about the Lexcel Standard, however many do not understand what it entails and how it can really benefit a legal practice.
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BS 76000 recognises the value of the people in your business

30 Apr 2019
BS 76000 provides a framework for organisations to value people, for the mutual benefit of both parties.
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People Standards – Consigned to The Past? Take Another Look!

20 Apr 2018
Over the last 20 years there have been some well-regarded HR & people standards that have helped to shift the focus to their people. However, today organisations do not appear to have such accreditations as high on their agenda as they once did.
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