INSPIRING offer Leadership Development across different levels, which is tailored to the needs of your organisation and leadership team. Our experienced leadership development consultants can help build the confidence and engagement of your leadership team by encouraging them to take control of their own learning and challenge themselves to step up in order to reach their goals.


Inspiring Business Performance (5)Diagnostic – Pinpoint areas for performance improvement and identify appropriate qualifications and units. Through using our Leadership Framework tool, we can help you identify the preferred learning styles of your leadership team, and match that to a suitable course and learning method, to ensure they get the most out of their learning experience and increase the chances of a successful outcome.

Development – INSPIRING work with experienced leadership and management development trainers and coaches, who can use your Leadership Framework results, or other diagnostic such as a 360 Degree Feedback exercise, to develop a tailored programme of support and development for your leadership team.

Evaluation – INSPIRING will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the development activities by repeating aspects of the diagnostic stage and comparing outcomes. This completes the quality loop and provides continuous development.


  • All stages of the development programme are provided by INSPIRING, making it  possible to provide evaluation of development activities and measure success and impact, as well as identifying further development needs.
  • Our tailored approach means you can be safe in the knowledge that development activties truly meets the needs of your leaders and your business.
  • The process will provide your leaders with a personalised development plan.
  • Individuals will have more faith in the business and be more engaged if they can see the positive impact that they have on the organisation and how this has created growth prospects for the business.
  • Mutually beneficial – you will be more likely to retain key skilled leaders and this will reflect on your business growth.

We can also help with design and implementation of a tailored performance management system to ensure that your team is set relevant KPIs / objectives that not only reflect your business needs, but also correlate to their personal development.