Inspiring's Leadership Framework assesses the behaviour of leaders and managers, allowing them to be quantifiably measured. Use this specially designed diagnostic tool to steer personal development and talent management that results in improved business outcomes.

Inspiring Business Performance 24WHY

INSPIRING’s Leadership Framework provides invaluable insight into your management team. Leadership and management require different skills. Our diagnostic tool differentiates the various key leadership and management practices that have a high impact and a strong relationship with performance, such as productivity and labour costs. In addition, it can be used as a practice tool to guide what the focus should be for being a great leader and manager.


Inspiring’s Leadership Framework can be used to inform personal development plans. Make sure your leaders’ weaknesses are addressed and their strengths applied. It can also be used to inform talent management by benchmarking leaders against each other and identifying consistency amongst leadership teams.


Within your business, this tool can be used to determine the impact of leadership behaviour on key business drivers such as profit, growth, absenteeism, productivity, productivity and staff turnover.

Inspiring’s Leadership Framework can include a training needs assessment report for leaders, highlighting key development areas. It can also be used to measure the return on investment of your leadership development when used in conjunction with development programmes.


At the centre of Inspiring’s Leadership Framework is an online feedback questionnaire which helps differentiate the various key leadership and management practices that have a high impact and strong relationship with performance. The tool asks a number of specially designed questions which inform the step change behaviours that will give you the maximum influence and effect on your organisation. Once completed, your results will be available quickly and will provide you with the insight needed to improve the engagement and productivity of your leadership team.


Inspiring’s Leadership Framework will benefit your business by identifying the leadership practices and behaviours that will have a positive impact on your organisation. If you are looking to develop your leadership team, then this is a practical tool which will provide guidance and focus for your Leaders and Managers, enabling them to improve and refine their skills and behaviours.