Exit Surveys

Organisations use exit surveys to understand why employees leave and why business relationships end. The insights gained can help you to identify any problem areas and feed into your business planning processes. With INSPIRING as part of your team you can reduce your staff turnover and save money.

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Understanding why staff leave will drive your business planning and development so that you can improve employee retention and increase workplace moral. The data and analysis that our experts provide to you within a tailored reporting structure will feed directly into your HR strategy and help you to understand what individuals look for in an employer.


Exit surveys are conducted with an individual who is separating from an organisation or business relationship. Most commonly, exit interviews occur between the employer and the employee.


Exit surveys by INSPIRING are bespoke surveys created especially for your business and provide a unique learning opportunity. Working together with INSPIRING you will gain the business insight needed to increase staff productivity and engagement and reduce the high costs associated with staff turnover. We do the work, leaving you free to concentrate on business development.


INSPIRING will work closely with you to design the exit survey. You will be able to find out why an employee chose to leave, what in particular influenced their decision and what the pull was towards their next employer. The confidential nature of our surveys means that you receive candid views on work-related problems, allowing you to identify areas of good and bad practice and highlight any underlying issues that need to be resolved. We offer a fast turnaround time with reports available in a range of formats.


Conducting Exit Surveys will help you understand why employees leave, enabling you to to identify any problem areas. INSPIRING’s bespoke exit surveys, with reports tailored to your business, will help you to understand and reduce staff turnover.